Organized Research Centers

Below are the Binghamton University Organized Research Centers most closely associated with the Watson School. A full listing of centers can be found through the Division of Research.

The interdisciplinary nature of today’s most pressing questions often requires the expertise of faculty from across several departments. These cross-disciplinary connections frequently develop into permanent working relationship. To foster this collaborative research, faculty have developed organized research centers and institutes for advanced studies. These organizations offer equipment and expertise that may be accessed by faculty across the disciplines and by members of the community who need specialized services. They are one of the University's most important links to the larger local, regional and global communities.

The Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging Center (S3IP)

S3IP addresses research challenges in small-scale system design, process development, prototyping and manufacturing. It brings together the federal and state governments, academia and industry to collaborate on new, transformational research that has broad national and global significance.

S3IP is one of six Centers of Excellence in New York state and is the umbrella for the CAMM, CASP, E3S and IEEC.

The Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM)

The CAMM is spearheading the development of next-generation roll-to-roll electronics manufacturing capabilities.

The Center for Autonomous Solar Power (CASP)

CASP addresses the scientific challenges in reducing the cost of solar power and enhancing energy efficiency to bridge the technology and commercialization gap.

The Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2)

ES2 pursues research aimed at improving the energy efficiency and energy consumption of electronic systems, ranging from microchips to data centers. Researchers investigate chip, software and packaging solutions to interdisciplinary solutions required at the system level.

The Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC)

The IEEC pursues research in electronics packaging, which deals with bringing a semiconductor chip and its resident circuitry to a form that can be integrated into a larger microelectronics assembly.

The Center for Advanced Information Technologies (CAIT)

The CAIT fosters academic and research activities in information security and assurance as well as global computer and communication networks.

The Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center (CSERC)

CSERC undertakes a wide variety of clinical chronic disease research studies.

The Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE)

WISE tackles projects in electronics manufacturing and productivity enhancement as well as healthcare management and food distribution.

Last Updated: 8/5/14