What Makes a Student WISE? 

Do you know you can get an exceptional graduate education at Binghamton University without paying tuition? Sounds too good to be true, but it's not. If you're accepted into the Graduate School at Binghamton and plan to study engineering, computer or systems science, physics, chemistry, math or management, you could be selected for the Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE) program.

Full-time students accepted into WISE receive complete funding, including graduate tuition, a stipend and medical insurance. In addition, the Institute provides students with whatever tools and materials they need to be successful.

Students participating in WISE work at sponsor locations and take courses at Binghamton, either on campus or online.

Although a few sponsors are located in the Greater Binghamton area, most are not, so Institute students are based throughout the United States. Students may soon have the chance to work with international sponsors as well. But whatever their location, WISE students enjoy working in world-class laboratories where they learn how to conduct themselves in a professional environment, making presentations to sponsors and sometimes even serving as team leaders on projects.

A dedicated support network helps Institute students succeed. Each student is assigned a mentor, typically a senior graduate student, who serves as a resource for the new student along with faculty and staff members. When it’s time for WISE students to embark on their professional careers, this support network will include Institute alumni and other friends of the program who work with the graduate students, helping them prepare for their future in academia, research or industry.

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What you get is what you see

  • Pay no tuition for graduate school and earn money while studying
  • Participate in innovative research projects that have realworld application
  • Work closely with distinguished faculty
  • Become well prepared to enter academia or industry
  • Gain excellent references
  • Get ahead of the competition by being hired by a sponsor
  • Have tools and materials provided to you at no charge
  • Be mentored by a faculty member or industry leader
  • Enjoy the fellowship of other WISE students
  • Network with WISE alumni

Last Updated: 11/26/13