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Doctoral Alumni Students

This table contains details of Doctoral Alumni Students of WISE
Completion Date 
S. Maniam Ramkumar December 2007  ‘A Novel Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive for Lead-Free Surface Mount Assembly'
Mukesh. Selvaraj December 2007  ‘Electromigration and the Reliability of Flip Chip Assemblies’
Guhan Subbarayan December 2007  ‘Manufacturing and Reliability Evaluation of Mixed Alloy Solder Joints'
Santosh. A. Kudtarkar May 2008  'Investigation of Ball Bond Integrity for 0.8 mil (20 Microns) Diameter Gold Bonding Wire on Low k Die in Wire Bonding'
Satya.Iyer May 2008  ‘Assembly, Reliability, and Rework of Stacked CSP Components'
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan July 2008  'A Simulation-based Framework for Integrating Operational Models with Business Process Models in a Global Business Environment'

Masters Alumni Students

This table contains details of Masters Alumni Students of WISE
Completion Date
Joshua Bosier October 2007 ‘Designing an Integrated Surgical Care Delivery System'
Shashank Khandekar November 2007 ‘Heuristic Scheduling of Low Acuity Patients in the Emergency Department'
Siu-Lung Ng December 2007 ‘Reliability Assessment and Failure Analysis in Electronics Manufacturing’
G. Chennagiri December 2007 ‘Process Research and Reliability Assessment Over Multiple Rework Cycles For Flexible Substrates'
Jing Li December 2007 ‘Pad Cratering in the Reliability of Printed Circuit Boards'
Ashok Viswanathan
December 2007
‘Implementing An Efficient Quality Assessment System in an Automotive Environment'
Ambarish More December 2007 ‘Knowledge Transfer and Process Implementation for Global Stencil Manufacturing Organization'
Shantanu Mukherjee
December 2007
‘Process Research and Reliability Assessment for the Wave Soldering of ‘Thick’ Printed Circuit Boards’
Davide Fusco December 2007 ‘An Evaluation Procedure for a New Surface Mount Connector'
Maria Schneider
November 2008
'Simulation of a Complex Mix of Circuit Boards in a Drilling Environment'


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