United Health Services

Project Name: Continuous Improvement in Healthcare

Graduate Student: Nikita Solanki


Pharmacy departments at United Health Services Hospitals provide unit doses and Intravenous (IV) to the respective hospitals. The Pharmacy department at Wilson Hospital is planning for a redesign of their IV Room as per the USP 797 regulation which describes the procedure in which a sterile compound needs to be prepared and also standardizes the environment requirements in which the sterile compounds are prepared. As a part of Continuous Improvement, my project work deals with providing them with par levels for processing time and inventory for the new IV room. The processing time will suggest the amount of time the technicians require to work in the IV room and the inventory levels will suggest the amount of drug dosage that needs to be stored in the clean area and the semi-clean area or the Ante-room. Also, the digital human model, JACK, is being used to determine the movement of technicians and pharmacists in the IV Room and the stress that they encounter while working with the current design and how it will change with the new design.

Last Updated: 11/26/13