Analog Devices

Project Name: MEMS Based Flow Sensor

Graduate Student: Ali Shakir


The objective of the project was to develop a MEMS based flow sensor for fluidic applications. The flow sensor developed was based on differential pressure sensing principle. Pressure sensors developed in-house were utilized to meet this objective. A cap was fabricated with a restriction channel and bonded with the pressure sensors to realize a flow sensor. The flow sensor developed has multiple sensing capabilities in addition to the flow rate sensing. The uniqueness of the project includes: multiple sensing capabilities, bonding technology, fabrication process of the pressure sensors, fabrication process of the cap, and finally the sensing principle to increase the range of flow rate being sensed. Flow rates as low as 0.01 ml/hr have been successfully measured. Fluid type, fluid pressure, flow direction, and fluid presence, in addition to the flow rate, can also be sensed using this sensor.

Last Updated: 11/26/13