BS in Mechanical Engineering-Four-Year Program - Fall 2009

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Engineering Design Division

(The freshman year is common to all engineering majors)


Math 221: Calculus I (M)
Chem 111: Chemical Principles (L)
WTSN 111: Exploring Engineering I (2 credits)
WTSN 103: Engineering Communications I (2 credits)
General Education Elective (P)


Math 222: Calculus I
PHYS 131: General Physics I
WTSN 112: Exploring Engineering II (2 credits)
WTSN 104: Engineering Communications II (2 credits)
General Education Elective (G)

Confirmation of major form filed in Watson Student Services

(Final three years of Mechanical Engineering Major)

Year Two


Math 371: Ordinary Differential Equation
PHYS 132: General Physics II
ME 273: Statics
General Education Elective (A)


Math 323: Calculus III
ME 211: Introduction to Solid Mechanics
EECE 260: Circuits (with lab)
ME 274: Dynamics
General Education Elective (N)

Year Three


ME 381: Computer-Aided Engineering
ME 331: Thermodynamics
ME 362: Material Science
ME 302: Engineering Analysis


ME 392: Mechanical Engineering Design
ME 351: Fluid Mechanics
ME 372: Engineering Project Management
ME 391: Meas. & Instrumentation Lab
General Education Elective (H)

Year Four


ME 493: Senior Project I (J)
ME 403: Engineering Computational Meth.
ME 421: Mechanical Vibrations
ME 441: Heat Transfer
Technical Elective*


ME 494: Senior Project II
ME 424: Control Systems in Mech. Engr.
Technical Elective*
Technical Elective*

*Department-approved electives allow students to tailor their program to pursue individual interests.

Important Mechanical Engineering Notes:

Mechanical engineering plays a critical role in the research, development and design of nearly every product. The Watson School’s BSME program is designed to prepare the student for a wide range of exciting employment possibilities. Graduates from our program have been highly successful in establishing careers in a diverse range of industries and highly regarded companies. They may go to work for major automobile manufacturers, aerospace companies, leading manufacturers of high-technology electronic products, healthcare providers or a wide range of smaller firms. While most of our graduates enter the high-technology workforce immediately after graduation, a large number have been very successful in pursuing graduate degrees.

Our curriculum offers a balance among theory, design and laboratory experience in the areas of thermofluids, mechanics, dynamic systems, design and materials. Applications involving modern computer analysis and design tools are an integral part of the program.

We emphasize the application of engineering fundamentals, along with a degree of specialization in the senior year. Graduates from the program are prepared for
creative careers based on a thorough grounding in the fundamentals and skills used by the mechanical engineer, ready to keep learning wherever their careers take them.

Our curriculum is excellent preparation for graduate studies. For qualified undergraduates, we offer an accelerated five-year program that leads to both a BS and MS degree in mechanical engineering or a five-year program leading to a BS in mechanical engineering and a MBA degree from the School of Management.

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