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Watson Career and Alumni Connections


Denise Lorenzetti

Denise Lorenzetti
Director of Watson Career and Alumni Connections
(Student and Career Relations)
Engineering Building: C-Pod C4
(607) 777-3018,

Amanda Bailor

Amanda Bailor
International Alumni and Career Connections Coordinator
(International Students and Alumni)
Engineering Building: C-Pod C9
(607) 777-3058,

Olivia Schofield

Olivia Schofield
Watson Career and Alumni Connections Coordinator
(Events and Program Coordinator)
Engineering Building: C-Pod C6
(607) 777-5244,

Student Assistants:

Katie Leenig           Charlie Scheftic          Jacob Groezinger

katie_sa           charlie_sa              jacob_sa                        



C-Pod (Ground Floor Near EB110)
Engineering Building, Binghamton University Main Campus

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Office hours for the Fall 2015 semester will be posted in August.
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