Tips to Strategize Your Job Search

Utilize a Diverse Approach

It is essential that you use a variety of resources to increase your chance of landing a full time position. Your search should begin with the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development and the hireBING website. Also, be sure to visit corporate, research, educational and government websites. The following are job resources in which you can discover available positions and apply online.



Networking should be at the center of your job search strategy. Get the word out that you are actively looking for a job. Connect with alumni, take the time to participate in various networking events, and ask professors, family and friends to keep you abreast of potential job opportunities.

Also, expand your network and join professional organizations. Sign up for job search newsletters and e-mail blasts, contact former professors and classmates, participate in online discussion boards and connect with alumni and companies by using various social media networks.

Do Your Research and Aim for the Right Target

Begin your job search by taking a thorough inventory of your interests, skills, accomplishments, experience, goals, and values. Make a detailed list. The key to a successful job search is to recognize what makes you a unique candidate and to communicate this effectively to a prospective employer, both verbally and in writing.
After you have established what positions in certain fields match your interest, skills and long term career goals, begin to reach out to those positions that fall within your "preferred job pool." For example, if one of your goals is to get a job working in healthcare, do not apply to jobs in manufacturing that are clearly of no interest to you. Conduct research on various fields and local companies within those fields. Learn about different businesses that interest you, and target those that are more likely to have open positions.

Be Persistent, Proactive, and Assertive

Do not wait around for a job opportunity to come knocking at your door. It is important to make your name and face known before your competition does. While cold calling may be very intimidating, it remains a powerful strategy. Use every angle and networking contact that you have, and always try to obtain more points of contact. Also, remember that everyone experiences rejection; however those who are persistent and grow from their mistakes will eventually land the job they want.

Effectively Communicate With Employers

When sending out résumés, catch prospective employers' attention with a brief and concise cover letter that clearly spells out how your qualifications match the job requirements. Connect the dots for the reader, and make it obvious why you're the perfect candidate for the job.

Keep Your Search Organized

Keeping track of the progress of your job search is important. Maintain a detailed record of all the jobs you have applied for, including communications, interviews, referrals, and follow-up actions. This will help you build a network of valuable contacts both for your current job search and for future ones.

Last Updated: 10/1/14