Student Opportunities

NYC Industry Visits — We are very excited to be conducting NYC industry visits for our BU Watson students the week of January 12th – 16th. These visits will give students the chance to learn about career possibilities, network with professionals and explore various industries. The companies will provide a 1 – 2 hour session combining presentations, info sessions, networking opportunities and tours. Below is a list of employers we will be visiting this year: 

DayNine Consulting                
Con Edison                           
Syska Hennessy                   
The Brattle Group
Brand Networks

"Work with Watson": Posting of internship / full time jobs for current students — Check hireBING for the latest job and internship postings. Also stay tuned for our weekly newsletter that will also advertise available employment opportunities.

Alumni/Industry Insight — The Alumni/Industry Insight program allows you to network with an alumnus or industry representative and pull upon their career knowledge. This is held in the Watson Dean's Suite in the Engineering and Science building. We will advertise that an industry representative will be coming to campus. We then schedule 20-minute, one-on-one appointments with students, during which you can ask questions and get to know the industry professional and their organization.

Info sessions — We would schedule an info session for an organization with a group of Watson students. The company will give you information regarding their organization and they will discuss the types of jobs and/or internships that are available. The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development will assist in coordinating these sessions.

Career fair — The Fleishman Center holds both a Fall and Spring career fair. Come see what various companies have to offer. Remember to dress in appropriate business attire, and bring copies of your latest résumé!

Facility Tour — For this event, we would bring up to 30 students on a site visit for a 1-2 hour presentation/info session. It's a great way for you to learn about the company/culture first hand, and it provides you with a great networking opportunity.

Virtual Events — If a company is unable to visit campus, we can offer other recruiting options such as virtual insight on-sites and Skype/teleconferencing programs for information sessions or interviews.

Social Media — Find out about upcoming events, alumni guests/speakers, and our latest initiatives by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Connect with student organizations, alumni, faculty and staff by growing your professional network through LinkedIn. Use any one of these social media tools to engage with potential employers from companies all around the globe!

Last Updated: 11/25/14