Culture on Campus

Need a taste of an international experience before you make a decision to study abroad or intern? Binghamton University has plenty of cultural and international initiatives to try. Here are some of the experiences the Watson School promotes:

International Coffee Hour: The first Friday of every month that school is in session, the Watson School International Alumni and Career Connections Coordinator attends the international networking event in the Student Union Building. Come and talk to other students with cultural insights and meet your Watson representative for international matters.

Hot Alumni/Cool Topics: See who you get to network with next! We bring our successful international professionals to you virtually. They provide you with valuable insight in working for international countries and in the global workplace.International Insight Onsite: Watch your email and social media for opportunities to sign up for your own timeslots to meet face to face with professional alumni with real world international experience.

Student Organization Events: Visit our student clubs and organizations page to get more information on events that will provide you professional and cultural insights to boost your network and career options.

Watson and the World: Need to make an international connection? Find out who came to Watson and where we've been recently. To add to this log, please email with details of your trip.

Last Updated: 3/24/16