Welcome International Students!

Welcome to Watson and Congratulations! Whether you're an incoming exchange student, 2+2 program student, or are coming to Binghamton University for an entire degree program, we value you as an important addition to our school.

Please consider Watson Student Services and the International Career and Alumni Connections Office as a place where you can:

  • Ask questions about opportunities and events at Watson
  • Participate in the area engineering community
  • Help us to encourage our domestic student to study and work overseas
  • Learn how you can build your skills for career opportunities
  • Share a bit of your country with other Watson students

The Watson School prides itself in internationalizing the Binghamton classroom with students from around the globe. Engineering is a global field and we value diverse cultural perspectives as part of toe Watson experience. Please act as an ambassador of your home country and/or institution to make a positive contribution to the Watson School and the Binghamton community. We also hope that you will become an active member of our community while you are studying at Watson and wherever you go after your experience with us.

Here are some ideas to help you begin to engage in the Watson family:

  • Join an engineering student group within your areas of interest
  • Take part in the special events planned to increase networking and professional skills
  • Volunteer to assist or plan events with Watson Career and Alumni Connections Office that would showcase your unique knowledge
  • Let the Watson Career and Alumni Connections Office know that you are willing and available to talk to other students about your home country or institution

We hope that your experience is stimulating and full of opportunities that will enrich you intellectually and influence you on a personal level. Please be sure to share with us how Watson has influenced your academic career and everything that follows.

Here are some links that may help you prior to your arrival at Watson School:


International Graduate School Admission: APPLY NOW!


2+2, 2+3 Admission (Apply like a Transfer Student)

The Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science has university partners with which it holds 2+2 and 2+3 agreements as well as some dual degree programs. If you are a student from one of the following universities, ask your local international relations officer about how to join the program.

  • Hebei
  • VNM
  • JUST
  • Hashemite
  • Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

Please use the links below to learn more about Binghamton University, the Watson School, and our Community:

Are you an international student at one of these universities and have joined the 2+2 program to study at the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science? Click Here to apply!

Last Updated: 1/18/16