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The Watson Review is published annually by the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science to provide a glimpse into the dynamic and innovative spirit of our faculty, staff, students and alumni.

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Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science
Dean’s Office
Binghamton University
PO Box 6000
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

Ashley R. Smith, Editor-in-chief, arsmith@binghamton.edu
Burt Myers, Art Director
Jonathan Cohen, Photographer

The Watson School Dean’s Office
Krishnaswami “Hari” Srihari, Dean and Distinguished Professor

Ronald Miles, Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Peter J. Partell, MA ’97, PhD ’99,  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration
Michelle L. Gardner, Major Gifts Officer, Liaison to the Watson School
Janet Keesler, MBA ’99, Assistant Dean
Susan Boyce, Secretary to the Dean
Carol Vargason, Secretary to the Associate Deans
Geraldine Clark, Staff Assistant
Mary Jo Kopyar, Staff Assistant

Publications committee
Peter J. Partell, MA ’97, PhD ’99,  Associate Dean for Administration
Ashley R. Smith, Communications & Outreach Coordinator, Liaison to the Watson School
Michelle L. Gardner, Senior Director of Development
Lorna J. Wells ’85, MA ’92, Director of Watson Advising
Hiroki Sayama, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
Patrick H. Madden, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Qinru Qiu, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Howard Wang, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Harold W. Lewis ’77, MS ’86, PhD ’95, Associate Professor, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering
Sharon Fellows, Assistant Director, Engineering Design Division


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