Dean's Letter

“The Watson School opens students’ eyes to possibilities, fostering an environment of creative thinking, teamwork and ingenuity . . . ” MORE

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Watson News Engineering is family affair for Watson student Pete Watson. MORE
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hand holding circuit board

Mechanical Engineering

Small is a Big Idea

Professor excites students’ interest in

faculty member talking to student

Electrical/computer engineering

Power Struggle

With an eye on energy consumption, professor aims
to rein in the power demands of today’s technologies

cloud computing illustration

Computer Science

Remote Control

Professor leads the way for the next generation
of cloud computing

faculty in science lab

Systems science and industrial engineering

Fast and Flexible

New director brings real-world experience to
microelectronics manufacturing center

lab equipment


The Skills to Succeed

The engineering environment is changing,
and our mindset must adapt

equipment in lab


Empower Tools

Analytical and Diagnostics Laboratory helps
start-ups build a future