Writing 100

Although the First-Year Writing program is built on the premise that Binghamton University students are academically talented, we also recognize that many require sustained support to succeed in rigorous academic contexts. Designed to give assistance to writers enrolled in WRIT 111, WRIT 100 Academic Writing Workshop offers students a confidential, intimate, and confidence-building setting to conference with their Tutor-Teacher and practice strategies for successfully revising their work.

Our workshop approach not only increases academic success for inexperienced writers, it fosters learning relationships among students and teachers that engender mutual engagement and support.

For more information, see the WRIT 100 syllabus.

QUESTIONS? Contact Sean Fenty, Associate Director of First Year Writing


Wendy Stewart

Wendy Stewart teaches WRIT 110 and WRIT 111. She earned her MA at the University of Saskatchewan in English Literature and taught Victorian and eighteenth-century British literature at three Canadian universities while pursuing a Ph.D. at McMaster University. She is the Lead Editor of Binghamton Writes, a textbook required for WRIT 111.

Last Updated: 8/10/16