Writing 110

Seeing and Writing the World

In support of the Educational Opportunity Program and multi-language learners, First-Year Writing offers WRIT 110: Seeing and Writing the World, a course designed to help students bridge the gap between high school and college.

Drawing from theories informed by the latest research in academic literacy, WRIT 110 aims to teach students not a set of rote competencies, but a form of educational and cultural awareness. To encourage a shift in perspective, WRIT 110 seeks to instill in students the understanding that personal experience and cultural knowledge are not just credible, but worthy of scholarly exploration. To this end, students examine the difference between seeing— that is, understanding or perceiving experience—and writing—the method we employ to convey that

For more information, see the WRIT 110 syllabus, or contact Paul Shovlin, Director,
Writing Initiative and First-Year Writing, or Sean Fenty, Associate Director of First-Year Writing. 

Last Updated: 8/10/16