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Education Minor

Note: There are no undergraduate teacher education programs in the Graduate School of Education. The education minor represents the only offering for undergraduate students.

The education minor provides undergraduate students at Binghamton University with insight into careers in educational fields and is taken in conjunction with a student's major area of study. The minor provides a strong foundation for further work in education at the graduate level and provides pertinent information and experiences that expands the students' understanding of career opportunities as classroom teachers; educational and career counselors; school building, district and business administrators; education law; or other potential educational careers in settings in New York, across the U.S., and internationally.The education minor is open to any student on campus, even if they do not plan a career in education. The minor is open to students with a general interest in Education and understanding the major role it plays in our society.

The education minor consists of 16 credits at the 300 level or above with two required courses and two elective courses. Students must receive at least a C grade for courses (or a Pass grade if students take EDUC 491 or 497) to fulfill requirements for the minor. See for more information about the Graduate School of Education's undergraduate minor.