Binghamton University Foundation

The Binghamton University Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation established to raise funds that further the purpose and mission of Binghamton University. Volunteers and staff working on behalf of the Foundation foster and maintain partnerships with alumni, faculty, parents, students, friends and members of the University community. The Foundation also educates others about charitable giving, matches institutional fundraising priorities with donors’ charitable intentions and provides stewardship of all assets held in trust for the benefit of Binghamton University.


Sheldon I. Goldfarb '73, Chair

Owen C. Pell '80, LLD '11, Vice Chair

Jeffrey S. Tucker '84, Treasurer

Michael F. Lane '89, Secretary

Steven H. Bloom '78, LHD '10, Past Chair


Lisa M. Abbott, MBA '93*

Beth Akel

Patricia T. Bloomer

Andrew Bonzani '86

John M. Carrigg, MBA ’83

Cathleen M. Ellsworth ’86

Judith Garczynski Fleishman '90

Kenneth A. Goldblatt '87

Keith L. Horn '80

Alex Huppé '69

Charles M. Kim '98

John C. Koch*

Stuart F. Koenig '73

Elizabeth M. Koffman

Dr. Bai O. Lee

Mitchell J. Lieberman '80

Jessica E. Lorden '83

Geraldine MacDonald ’68, MS ’73, LittD ’17

Carolyn M. Mancini

Lawrence R. Morgenthal '88

Tyrone E. Muse

Timothy C. Myers

Dr. Michael N. Needle '81

Donald G. Nieman*

Albert Nocciolino

James W. Orband '81

Harvey G. Stenger*

Michael D. Timmeny '73

Paul R. Turovsky '73, LHD '12

Howard D. Unger '82, LHD '19

Mark A. Zurack '78, LHD '03