Harpur College of Arts and Sciences - Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Many undergraduate students at Binghamton University consider continuing their education by completing a master’s degree. Graduate degrees are a great way to gain professional training that takes one’s training to the “next level.”  In addition to the degrees offered by Watson, the School of Management and CCPA, Harpur College offers a wide array of graduate degrees that provide undergraduates unparalleled opportunities to accelerate their careers. Harpur College undergraduates have a unique opportunity to advance their graduate education by taking advantage of our 4+1 master’s degree programs. These programs allow students to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just 5 years. In our 4+1 programs, students begin taking courses in their senior year that help them complete their undergraduate degree which also count towards a master’s degree. The master’s degree requirements are then completed in just one additional year.  These programs not only save significant time but provide students the ability to save up to 50% of the tuition costs for these professional degrees. Students can sign up for the 4+1 programs at any time prior to their senior year by speaking with their major advisor who can guide them to the appropriate graduate program and help them choose appropriate courses that will double-count for their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students then apply to the graduate program and begin taking graduate courses as a senior. For more information on existing 4+1 and other accelerated programs, please see the list of programs on this page.

Combined Undergraduate/Graduate Programs