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About the Community Engagement Program

Community Engagement Program (CEP) is a structured course-based platform that cultivates and supports students with a passion for service, success, and self-development. CEP offers a unique opportunity to bridge traditional “classroom” education with “real world” application via direct interaction with mentors, groups, organizations, and institutions. Students who recognize value in the narrowing of the gap between the “academy” and the “community,” between the university and the people it serves, will find in CEP an opportunity to develop supervised projects in areas of education, humanities, social sciences, sciences, and business. The projects, however, fall under certain guidelines. They involve regular seminar meetings, semester-long research and development of a major project, and must lead to a campus/community event that 1) educates the campus and public about some aspect of Asian American communities and 2) culminates in a final project or study that can be accessed by the academic body and general public via a publicly available database, collection, or paper. Limited to juniors and seniors. AAAS 480S: Register with instructor permission.

Program Director

Lisa YunDirector Lisa Yun (BA Yale University, PhD University of Texas) is Associate Professor of Asian American Studies and of English. She is the author of Coolie Speaks (Temple University Press, 2008), a groundbreaking study of the earliest Chinese labor migration to the Americas. As well, she has written on topics of campus hate crime, cross-racial liberatory movements, and Afro-Asian cultural politics. She teaches courses with special focus on literature, culture, race, and Asian Americans and Asian diasporas. Her students have gone on to careers in law, education, public service, arts, scientific research, and medicine. More information about her can be found on her faculty website.

Last Updated: 3/9/18