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DAAAS Combined 5-Year B.A. and M.A. Degree Program

The department offers students the opportunity to complete both the BA and MA in five (5) years.  The MA part of the program consists of six fields:  Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, South Asia Studies, Asian American and Diaspora Studies, Global Asia Studies.

  • Prior to their senior year, students must complete 96 credits that meet all of the undergraduate requirements for Harpur College including upper-level writing and general education courses plus all but 12 credits needed for the major. During the senior year, students will complete 12 credits in the major and the remaining 20 credits needed for the undergraduate degree, which will be satisfied by graduate level DAAAS MA coursework.

  • Students should apply for the combined program in the third semester, and no later than the beginning of the junior year. Admission decisions for the combined program will be made no later than spring of the junior year. Application and admissions processes are through the Graduate School and the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies. The AAAS B.A-M.A. Combined Degree Program will restrict admissions to students with exceptional academic records; normally, a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better in the AAAS undergraduate program is required. Students must submit a personal statement, official transcript(s), the names of two professors who may serve as references, and a writing sample. The student will be evaluated based on the quality of the personal statement, grades, references, writing sample, and interview. Upon acceptance to the program, students will be advised that there are further requirements: successful completion of the B.A. and all Harpur and Gen Ed requirements by the end of the 4th year; graduate course requirements; a “B” or better in all graduate coursework and satisfactory completion of the thesis and thesis defense.

  • Once admitted, students will be required to fulfill all the normal requirements for the AAAS B.A. and M.A. degrees, with the exception that 12 credits of the 500-level courses will count for both the B.A. requirements and the M.A. requirements’. Course offerings in the AAAS B.A.-M.A. Combined Program will coincide with the normal offerings of the existing AAAS B.A. and M.A. Programs.

Language Requirements

The first three fields (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Studies) require that students reach proficiency in the corresponding Asian language through the fourth-year level of study  by the time of completion of the M.A. For the South Asia field, the normal expectation is that the students will have proficiency through the third-year level in an Asian language relevant to their thesis topic. This requirement can be waived in particular cases, based on the student’s individual program of study. The Asian American and Diaspora Studies field and the Global Asia field have no specific language requirement, but if a particular language is relevant to the student’s study plan, that student will be expected to develop competence in that language by the time of completion of the M.A. Proficiency levels can be satisfied in one of two ways: transcript with the equivalent of 8 semesters (as outlined above) of college-level study of a single language with grade of B or better, or a proficiency examination administered by DAAAS faculty.

Thesis Requirements

A thesis is required for all fields. A provisional advisor is assigned when students enroll. Students must select a permanent thesis advisor by the end of the seventh semester. The thesis committee consists of the thesis advisor and at least two other faculty members. An oral thesis defense is also required.

Last Updated: 8/30/16