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Asian and Asian American Studies Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Asian and Asian American Studies provides a means for graduate students who are already enrolled in existing graduate departments the opportunity to enhance their studies with a focus on topics related to Asian Studies and Asian American Studies. The AAAS Graduate Certificate seeks to produce research and scholarship that engages “Asia Across the World” in its many forms, including consideration of hybridity, trans-nationalism, and global/local tensions.


Students will learn how Asian and Asian diasporic societies, cultures, histories, and migrations mutually engage with global processes of social and cultural change. They will become conversant in the comparative study of different Asian cultures and regions and learn how social, cultural and historical phenomena in Asia and Asian diasporic societies have appeared, developed, and interacted with the rest of the world.


Certificate students will be required to take a minimum of three graduate courses (12 credit hours). At least two (2) of the three courses must be chosen in consultation with the student’s graduate advisor, based upon the student’s primary interests and previous background. In addition, students concentrating on Asian Studies must take one Asian American Studies and Diasporic Studies course and students concentrating on Asian American and Diasporic Studies must take one Asian Studies course.

No transfer credit will apply to the certificate. In addition, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and all courses used to complete the certificate must be taken with a normal grading option.


Students apply for the AAAS Graduate Certificate through the Binghamton University Graduate School’s online application process.

Last Updated: 8/30/16