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Sungdai Cho

Associate Professor of Asian and Asian American Studies
Director of the Center for Korean Studies

Ph.D., Linguistics (1995), University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

Office: LS G678

Areas of Study and Interest

Syntax and Morphology
Passive,  Causative, Sluicing, Honorifics
Language Pedagogy 
National Standards, Assessment

Recent Courses

Structure of Korean
Korean Language (All levels)
Language, Culture and Society in Korea
East Asian Linguistics
Morphology and Syntax
Pedagogy for East Asian Languages: Korean

Selected Publications (Books and Edited Books)

(2013) Studies in Korean Linguistics and Language Pedagogy: Festschrift for Homin Sohn Editor (616 Pages, ISBN:978-89-7641-830-2) Edited with Sung-Ock Sohn and Seok-Hoon You.  Korea University Press. Seoul, Korea.
(2008) Inquires into Korean Linguistics III (393 pages, ISBN: 978-89-5726-604-5). Edited with John Whitman et al. Hankook Publishing Company, Seoul, Korea.

(2005) Integrated Korean: High Advanced I (288 Pages: ISBN: 0-8248-2569-1). Co-authored with Hyosang Lee and Hye-sook Wang. University of Hawaii Press.

(2005) Integrated Korean: High Advanced II (296 Pages: ISBN: 0-8248-2580-2). Co-authored with Hyosang Lee and Hye-sook Wang. University of Hawaii Press.

(1995) On Verbal Intransitivity in Korean: With Special Reference to Middle Constructions. Hanshin Publishing Company, Seoul, Korea. (Reprint from Ph.D. Dissertation)

 Recent Book Chapters and Journal Articles

(2015) “Korean Studies Program: State University of New York at Binghamton.”  Edited by Hye-Sook Wang “Narrative History of Korean Programs in US Colleges and Universities.” pp 171-180, Korea University Press, Seoul, Korea.

(2013) “Passivization of Transitive Verbal Nouns in Korean: Factors that Facilitate Passivization in the VN-cwung construction. (with Yutaka Sato)   Language Research 49.3:803-828.  Seoul National University.

(2013) “Collaborative Writing Planning with Concept Maps” (with Yongjin Lee). Studies in Korean Linguistics and Language Pedagogy:Festschrift for Ho-min Sohn, edited with Sungdai Cho, Sung-Ock Sohn and Seok-Hoon You.  Korea University Press. Seoul, Korea.  pp 241-253.

(2012) “Standards for Korean Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century”: A Collaborative Project of the Korean National Standards Task Force and the American Association of Teachers of Korean.  PP 519-570. Allen Press Inc.  Lawrence, KS.

(2010)  “Using Concept Map Prewriting Strategies in Korean Writing Classes” (with Yongjin Lee). The Korean Language in America: Journal of the AATK. Vol. 15:46-61.

(2010)  “National Standard: Effective Assessment Tool for Performance-Based Learning.” (Based on Keynote Address at the conference). International Association of Korean Language Education. Toward a New Perspective on Grammar Teaching in Korean Language Education.  pp 387-399.

(2010)  “Cleft Constructions in Japanese and Korean (with Y. Yanagida and J. Whitman).” Chicago Linguistic Society. Vol. 44-1:61-77.

Recent Grants

2016-2021       PI (Binghamton University), AKS Lab Grant (with John Whitman at Cornell University, Korean at the Nexus of the Northeast Asian Linguistic Area), Academy of Korean Studies (AKS).

2011-2016       PI, Core University of Korean Studies Grant, Academy of Korean Studies (AKS)

2009-2014       PI, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Conference Organization, Korea Foundation

2009-2012       PI, Professorship (Modern Korean History) Establishment Grant, Korea Foundation

2003-2006       PI, Professorship (Pre-Modern Korean Literature) Establishment Grant, Korea Foundation.

Professional Activities

2013-Present   Director, Summer International Program at Hanyang University.

2011-Present   Project Director, National Standards Project for Framework of Curriculum Development and Assessment Guideline.

2010-2012    Selection Committee for Critical Language Scholarship Program, United States Department of State.

2010-2012     AP Korean Committee, Foundation for Korean Language and Culture in the USA, Los Angeles, CA.

2009-2012       Chair, Korean Special Interest Group, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

2009, Summer Director, Korean Language Summer Institute, Critical Language Scholarship Program, University of Pennsylvania and Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC), United States Department of States.

2008-Present   Director, Center for Korean Studies, Binghamton University.

2006-Present   Steering committee, Institute for Asian and Asian Diaspora, Binghamton University.

2005-2008  Chair, Test Development Committee for SAT II Korean, College Board and ETS (Educational Testing Service), Princeton, NJ.

2001/2005 (S)  Interim Chairman, Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages, Binghamton University.

Current Research Projects

Book                Korean: A Linguistic Introduction (with John Whitman at Cornell University). Cambridge University Press.

Book                Korean: A Language Pedagogy.

Book                National Standards Project: Framework of Curriculum Development and Assessment Guideline.

Book                A Comparative Linguistics of Korean and Japanese (with Yutaka Sato at International Christian University in Japan).

Edited Book    Handbook of Korean Language and Linguistics (with John Whitman at Cornell University).


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