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Rumiko Sode

Associate Professor of Asian and Asian American Studies

Ph.D., Japanese linguistics and general linguistics, 1999, The Ohio State University
M.A., Linguistics, 1993, University of Pittsburgh

Office: LS G671
Phone: 777-3880

Areas of Study and Interest

Japanese linguistics
Theoretical syntax
Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.

Recent Courses

Advanced Japanese Reading and Writing
Introduction to Japanese Culture
Structure of Japanese
Topics in Multilingualism

Selected Publications

“Nominal Apposition in Japanese,” Southwest Journal of Linguistics, Volume 23, Number 2. 2004: 187-214.

“Japanese Adjectives in Small Clause Complements,” Journal of Japanese Linguistics, 18. 2002: 51-82.

“Intentionality and VN-suru constructions in Japanese,” Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese 29-2: 22-54. 1995.

Proceedings and Working Papers

“Non-Restrictive Modification in Japanese,” The Proceedings of the Western Conference on Linguistics, vol. 15, WECOL 2003: 246-258. Published by the Department of Linguistics, California State University, Fresno.

With Noriko Chino, “Acquisition of -no,” in Gengogaku to Nihongo Kyooiku II: New Directions in Applied Linguistics of Japanese. Tokyo: Kuroshio Publishers. March 2001: 309-311.

Book Review

“Caroline B. Heycock (1994) Layers of Predication: The Non-Lexical Syntax of clauses," book review, Language 72-1: 193-194. March 1996.

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