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Roberta Strippoli

Roberta Strippoli

AssocIate  Professor of Asian and Asian American Studies

Ph.D. Japanese Literature, Stanford University

M.A. Japanese Language and Literature, Gakushūin University

Office: LS G668
Phone: 777–3880

Areas of Study and Interest

Medieval Japanese literature and theater
The Tale of the Heike
Women in premodern Japan
Cultural heritage related to literary characters

Recent Courses

Cultures of Premodern Japan
Fictions of the Samurai
Women in Premodern Japanese Literature and Culture
The World of The Tale of Genji
Popular Culture in Contemporary Japan
Classical Japanese Literature and Culture
Medieval and Early Modern Japanese Literature and Culture
Premodern Stories East-West (with Olivia Holmes, English and Medieval Studies)

Selected Publications

Dancer, Nun, Ghost, Goddess.The Legend of Giō and Hotoke in Japanese Literature, Theater, Visual Arts, and Cultural Heritage. Leiden: Brill, 2017.

"Warrior/Monk, Demon/Saint: Humor and Parody in the Late Medieval Tale of Benkei" Monumenta Nipponica 70:1, 2015, pp. 39–81.

"Katami to shite no kodomo: Koatsumori" (Child as as Memento:  Little Atsumori). E ga monogataru Nihon: Spensaa Korekushon o tazunete (Japanese Illuminated Manuscripts: Visit to the Spencer Collection) ed. by Kenji Kobayashi. Tokyo: Miyai shoten, 2014, pp. 260–272.

"Zeami, a Wandering Ghost, and the Lotus Sutra: The Story of Giō and Hotoke from Heike Monogatari to Nō" Like Clouds or Mists: Studies and Translations of Nō Plays of the Genpei War, edited by E. Oyler and M. Watson. Ithaca: Cornell University East Asia Program, 2013, pp. 23–40.

 "Mubansō no uta, hyōnashi no mai: kinsei no makimono to ehon ni hyōgen sareta shirabyōshi" (Song without Music, Dance without Rhythm: Illustrating Shirabyōshi in Early Modern Scrolls and Albums) in Amerika ni watatta monogatari-e: emaki byōbu ehon (Illustrated Tales in America: Scrolls, Screens, Albums). Tokyo: Perikansha, 2013, pp. 217–232.

Strippoli Book Cover

La monaca tuttofare, la donna serpente, il demone beone. Racconti dal medioevo giapponese. (The Errand Nun, the Snake Woman, the Drunken Demon: Tales from Medieval Japan) Venezia, Italy: Marsilio Editori, 2001. Awarded the "Valle dei Trulli" prize for literary translation in 2002.

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