Technology Accessibility Advisory Group (TAAG)


The Technology Access Advisory Group (TAAG) was a reformation of the former Media and Web Access Committee in 2017. The TAAG's mission is to help bring about:

Membership composition

3 Divisions

TAAG timeline


The Technology Accessibility Advisory Group (TAAG)

Reconstituted from former Media and Web Access Committee.

  • Q2 - TAAG Committee reformed
  • Q2 - Binghamton receives a complaint from Office of Civil Rights
  • Q4 - Associate VP Student Affairs, Johann Fiore-Conte reconvenes the TAAG


EIT Policy Development
  • Q1- Draft of EIT Policy
  • Q4 - TAAG begins review of draft


EIT Policy Approved
  • Q1 - SUNY Sys Admin Open Comments for draft policy review
  • Q1 - TAAG continues review of 5 standards within EIT policy
  • Q2 - SUNY Board of Trustees approve EIT Policy on 6/20/19
  • Q4 - Campus Interim EIT Officer, Curtis Kendrick appointed


EIT Policy Implementation
  • Q1 - TAAG begins rollout plan
  • Q1 - Digital Equality Conference (cancelled due to pandemic)
  • Q2 - Resource development
  • Q2 - Education and awareness
    Q3 - EIT policy in effect


Continuous accessibility improvement
  • Education, training, and assistance
  • Monitoring and enforcement