Our facility has been designed to provide easy access for our guests with disabilities. The Binghamton University Events Center recognizes the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and makes every effort to provide equitable, dignified access following ADA-ABA Accessibility Guidelines of 2004 and 2010 updates. In addition, the Events Center strives to be proactive in recognizing and responding to the traditional and unexpected needs of all our guests.


The Events Center offers assistance to guests with disabilities through Guest Services. Guests are encouraged to provide as much advance notice as possible to the Events Center prior to the start of an event to help ensure that their request for special assistance may be met. For further details or to arrange for special assistance, contact the Events Center at 607-777-9366.

Assistive Listening Devices (Coming Soon)

Headsets and receivers for our multi-channel radio are available from Guest Services. Either a driver's license or credit card will be required as a deposit.

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

The automatic teller machine is located on the concourse level of the facility outside the rotunda entrance doors.

Concession Stands

Accessible concession stands are available on the concourse level. If assistance is needed at any of the food service areas, notify the nearest Events Center team member or concessionaire.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains throughout the Events Center are accessible to those with disabilities. All drinking fountains are located nearby or adjacent to restroom facilities.

Drop-off / Pick-up Area

Guests will be able to drop off individuals without having to pay to enter the parking lots. Guests should enter the Events Center main lot on the south side of the building from the West Gym/Events Center spur. Simply let the police officers or parking staff, if present, know that you need to drop someone off and they will direct you. The accessible drop-off location is at the main entrance of the Events Center. The main lobby has an automated door that is accessible to guests with disabilities.


One elevator (shared with facility services) is located at the south end of the facility inside the rotunda entrance. The elevator is designated as preferred use for guests with disabilities.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Guest attendants and other personnel are available to assist in proper procedures for emergency situations. A copy of the emergency evacuation plan is posted in the building.

Entering the Events Center

The Events Center entrances/exits equipped to accommodate guests with disabilities are located at the main entrance rotunda, west concourse Tau Club entry, events (lower) level southeast exit and southwest exit. Any Events Center team member can provide assistance or direct you to the elevator (if needed). Stairwells and the elevator are also available to access all levels of the facility.

First Aid / Emergency Care

In the event of an emergency, notify any Events Center team member or uniformed police officer in your area. Harpur’s Ferry paramedics and EMTs staff the First Aid Center at the Events Center. First aid is located on the concourse level on the west hall behind seating section 104.

Guest Services

Guest Services is located on the main concourse in room 216, behind seating Section 106.

Interpreting Services

Guests who require interpreting services for an event should contact us a minimum of three weeks prior to the event date. Every effort will be made to coordinate interpreting services. We cannot guarantee later requests.


Disability parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis in the main lots on the south side of the Events Center. All vehicles must have the state-issued disability hangtag or license plate. If there is a charge for general public parking, the same charge will be assessed to guests who use disability parking. For certain events, the Events Center holds additional disability spaces as close to the facility as possible. Visit our Visitor Parking web page for parking information.


All public restrooms are designed to be accessible to our guests with disabilities. Several public restrooms are available on the concourse and and a single restroom is available on the event level. Family restrooms are available on the concourse level.


Many wheelchair-accessible spaces are provided but the actual number may vary depending on the event configuration. Additional chairs can be set up to accommodate companions of guests in wheelchairs. Any needed assistance will be provided by our Events Center team members.

Wheelchair-accessible Seating

The Events Center provides wheelchair-accessible seating on both the concourse and events levels, depending upon event configuration.

Companion Seating

Wheelchair companion seats are reserved for the companions of guests in wheelchairs. The number of companion seats available depends upon the number of wheelchair users and companion seats available/sold and the number of conventional seats sold closest to the desired accessible seating area in each of the ticket categories.

Our general policy is as follows:
For Special Events: each guest in a wheelchair is allowed to purchase at least three companion seats in the accessible seating and adjacent area, occasionally more depending upon the event.

For Binghamton University Athletics: each guest in a wheelchair is allowed to purchase three companion seats in the accessible and adjacent area. Additional seating can be purchased in the nearest conventional seats. As previously mentioned, this policy may be altered for certain events where there is a high demand for accessible seats. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and there is no guarantee that any companion tickets will remain unsold and available.

Service Animals

Although animals are not allowed in the Events Center, an exception is made regarding certified service animals for guests with disabilities.


Binghamton University is a tobacco-free campus to provide a healthy environment for its community members and as such the use or sale of tobacco products in or on University-owned or rented property is prohibited.


Purchasing Tickets

When purchasing tickets in seating areas that offer maximum program access by visually or hearing-impaired guests, please indicate the need for accessible seating to the ticket seller. Questions regarding seating areas that offer maximum program access by visually or hearing-impaired guests can be directed to the Events Center Box Office at 607-777-BTIX (2849) or

Group Tickets

If tickets have been purchased (or donated) for your group and your group includes guests with disabilities, contact the Events Center Box Office at 607-777-BTIX (2849) as soon as possible so that we may make any special accommodations to the extent they are still available.

Ticket Exchanges

The Events Center will make every effort to exchange tickets in order to accommodate guests with disabilities. Some times the ability to do so is beyond the control of the Box Office. If you are unsure whether or not your tickets are in an accessible area, contact the Events Center Box Office to verify. For certain events, additional accessible seating is added depending on the event configuration. If a guest in a wheelchair exchanges a conventional seat ticket for a ticket in an accessible seating area, the Events Center will make every effort to provide new tickets in the closest or comparable accessible seating location to the tickets that were returned. In some cases when an event is sold out, additional companion seats may not be available.