Events Center Tickets

Ticket Sales

When buying tickets online or by phone for BUEC events, the Beacats website and the BUEC Ticket Office at 607-777-BTIX (2849) are the only 100 percent-safe options. When buying tickets in person, the BUEC Ticket Office is the only 100 percent-safe option. Verify ticket pricing and seating locations before purchasing from any other outlet.

  • Bearcat Season ticket packages are available through the Binghamton University Athletics Department.
  • Group sales for athletic events are managed by the Athletics department.  Please call 607 777-3741 for more information.
  • All other event group ticket sales are managed by the BUEC Box Office, call 607 777-BTIX (2849).

BUYER BEWARE: Agile Ticketing Solutions is the only ticketing company that the Binghamton University Events Center (BUEC) partners with, and the only outlet in which legitimate tickets at face-value base prices are guaranteed by BUEC (standard fees apply.) Beware of outlets that may overcharge or that may not provide legitimate tickets, as BUEC has no affiliation with any other outlet and is not responsible for the outcome.

Ticket Policies