Appeals and Petitions

General Information About Appeals

Binghamton University students must successfully complete all General Education requirements as a condition of graduation. Generally speaking, General Education requirements are not waived for any students. However, we are aware that some students with special circumstances feel their situation warrants a waiver of one of the General Education requirements. Appeals of General Education requirements are considered by the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UUCC), the committee which oversees Binghamton's General Education program.

Submitting an Appeal

Students may submit appeals of the General Education requirements by using the General Education Petition Google Form. Please note that this form requires a Binghamton University email address.

If you experience problems using the form, please contact the Assistant Director for Undergraduate Education at

IMPORTANT: Before you submit a petition, please read the information below to see if your question has already been answered or if additional documentation will be required. Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for information on Advanced Placement, CLEP, the Pluralism requirement, and transfer courses.

Specific Questions About Appeals

I think the course I'm taking should fulfill a General Education requirement even though it isn't listed as a General Education course. What can I do?

Prior to the Add Deadline for a semester, instructors or departments can submit courses for designation as General Education courses. The request has to come from the instructor or department, not students. If it is prior to the Add Deadline and you feel your course meets a General Education requirement, we suggest you talk with your instructor to see if she or he is interested in submitting it for General Education designation. It is up to the instructor whether he or she wishes to do so. Any course submitted after the Add Deadline will not be considered for designation.

Students may download and complete the Student Request for General Education Course Consideration Form to notify departments of a course they believe should carry a Gen Ed designation.

I took a course last semester (last year, etc.) that I think should have fulfilled a General Education requirement but it didn't. Is there anything I can do?

Unfortunately, once a course has been completed, it cannot be designated as meeting a Gen Ed requirement.

I need another C course. Can I count the course I am taking as a C?

There are two different types of writing requirements at Binghamton:

  • Every student needs to take one C (or J) course to fulfill the General Education Composition requirement.
  • Students may have additional school-specific writing requirements (for example, the Harpur College Writing Requirement).

If you have questions about a C course, first check your degree audit report. Is the General Education Composition requirement marked as complete?

  • If your General Education Composition requirement is not complete, questions should be directed to the Coordinator of General Education at 607-777-2146.
  • If your Gen Ed Composition requirement is complete, then any additional writing courses you need go toward your school's writing requirement. Questions should be directed to your school advising office.

I am taking MUSP courses. Can I use them to fulfill my Aesthetics requirement?

Four credits worth of MUSP courses can be used to fulfill the General Education Aesthetics requirement. Once you have successfully completed 4 credits of MUSP courses for a letter grade, your degree audit will use them to fulfill your Aesthetics requirement. You do not need to submit an appeals form.

Can I fulfill the foreign language requirement by demonstrating proficiency?

Students may only request to be proficiency tested in languages they did not study in high school. Non-native English speakers may fulfill the Foreign Language requirement by alternate means. For more information, read the downloadable form Policies on Proficiency Testing. If you have any additional questions, contact your advisor for more information.

I need an Activity (or Wellness, or Both Activity/Wellness) course. I run (or swim/work out at a local gym/teach karate, etc.). Can I use that to fulfill the requirement?

No. You cannot use any Physical Activity or Wellness experiences taken outside of a credit-bearing college course to fulfill General Education requirements. For example, you cannot use classes taken at health clubs or fitness facilities or self-directed fitness activities such as running, swimming, dance, or weightlifting. 

My advisor said this General Education requirement was fulfilled, but my degree audit says I still need the requirement. I think I was misadvised. Can I appeal this?

If you appeal on the grounds that you were misadvised about your General Education requirements, you must provide documentation of the advising error in order for your petition to be considered. Specifically, if you state in your appeal that your advisor told you that a particular General Education requirement was completed or that you did not need to take a course to fulfill a particular General Education requirement, you must provide a statement from the advisor in which he/she affirms that you were misadvised. This documentation is necessary for your appeal to be considered; it does not guarantee your appeal will be granted.

I had a degree audit that showed I was done with this General Education requirement, but my new degree audit says I still need to take the course. I think the degree audit misadvised me. Can I appeal this?

If you appeal on the grounds that you were misadvised about your General Education requirements, you must provide documentation of the advising error in order for your petition to be considered. Specifically, if you state in your appeal that your degree audit showed that a particular General Education requirement was completed and that you did not need to take a course, you must provide a hard copy of the degree audit with your petition. This documentation is necessary for your appeal to be considered; it does not guarantee your appeal will be granted.

I have a medical condition or disability that prevents me from taking Physical Activity (Y) courses. Can the Y requirement be waived?

If you are requesting a waiver of the Physical Activity requirement on the basis of a medical condition or a documented temporary or permanent physical disability, you should first contact the University Health Service. Students with serious medical conditions or temporary or permanent disabilities may be assigned to the ACR (adaptive, corrective, rehabilitative) program or have the requirement waived. Petitions for waivers on this basis must be accompanied by a letter from the medical director of the Decker Student Health Services Center stating that, in the doctor's medical opinion, the Activity requirement should be waived. Please be aware, however, that the doctor's decision may be to assign you to the ACR program rather than waiving the requirement.

I have a documented disability that affects my ability to fulfill a General Education requirement (other than the Physical Activity requirement). What should I do?

Students with disabilities who anticipate they will have disability-related difficulties successfully fulfilling a General Education requirement should identify themselves and their concerns to the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office immediately upon enrollment at Binghamton University. SSD staff will work with the student and explain the possible options which may include accommodations or substitutions. The SSD office can be reached at 607-777-2686. They are located in the University Union, room UU-119. For additional information, please consult the SSD website. (Students with documented disabilities who believe their disabilities will impact their ability to take a Physical Activity "Y" course should follow the procedures outlined in the previous question.)