Information for Faculty and Staff

How to Submit Courses for Designation

Faculty, instructors, and departments interested in submitting courses for General Education designations (new or renewing provisional) should use the General Education Course Submission Google Form. (Note: this is a new form please help us improve it by passing on suggestions and fixes.)

Please note that these forms require a Binghamton University email address. For more information, please contact

All students must take a General Education course for a letter grade in order to fulfill the requirement, except in courses where Pass/Fail is the only option, which will occur primarily in Both Physical/Wellness, Wellness, and Physical Activity courses. 

For all General Education requirements, a course is understood to be four credits. There are exceptions to this rule:

  • transfer courses that earned three credits at the student’s original school;
    Physical Activity/Wellness courses;
  • Laboratory Science courses of one and two credits that have a four-credit pre- or corequisite;
  • Oral Communication courses of varying credits;
  • a total of four credits of MUSP courses, taken for a letter grade, may be used to fulfill the Aesthetics requirement;
  • schools or programs in which three-credit courses are the norm.

Courses approved as meeting a Binghamton University General Education requirement also meet the corresponding SUNY General Education requirement.  For more information on SUNY General Education requirements, please see General Education Course Guidelines.  For a table showing the correspondences between Binghamton and SUNY General Education requirements, please see Comparison of Binghamton University and SUNY General Education Requirements.

Please note General Education designations can be approved to be added for the semester/session up to the Add/Drop deadline.

For more information on how to submit a course for General Education designation, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment of General Education

In previous years, the assessment of General Education courses has been a course portfolio. This year, the assessment will be a survey or another medium that will be announced soon. 

The University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is the Faculty Senate committee which oversees the General Education program.