General Education Requirements

Students follow the General Education program in effect for the year they matriculate at Binghamton University. For example, students matriculating in Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022 would follow the General Education requirements as stated in the 2021-2022 Bulletin. Generally, a student's catalog year is the same as the academic year in which he or she matriculates at Binghamton University. If you are not sure which requirements apply to you, please contact your school advising office for assistance.

Note: Some General Education courses may have more than one General Education listed. However, except for Composition, Oral Communication, Joint Composition/Oral Communication, or Foreign Language classes, General Education courses may be used to fulfill only one General Education requirement. For example, a course may be designated as Composition, Social Sciences, and Pluralism. You will either receive credit for Composition + Pluralism or for Composition + Social Sciences. If you have questions about what General Education requirements a course will fulfill, please contact your school’s advising office.

General Education Categories

Students must fulfill requirements in the following categories:

  • Language and Communication
    • Composition and Oral Communication or Joint Composition/Oral Communication 
    • Foreign Language 
  • Creating a Global Vision
    • Global Interdependencies 
    • Pluralism in the United States 
  • Liberal Arts
    • Aesthetics 
    • Humanities 
    • Laboratory Sciences 
    • Social Sciences 
    • Mathematics 
  • Physical Activity/Wellness
    • Combination of Physical Activity, Wellness, or Both Physical Activity/Wellness 


O Oral Communication
J Joint Composition/Oral Communication




First-semester college-level course

Second-semester college-level course

Third-semester college-level course


Global Interdependencies
P Pluralism in the United States


US History Pluralism


H Humanities
L Laboratory Sciences
N Social Sciences
M Mathematics
Y Physical Activity
S Wellness
B Both Physical Activity/Wellness

Requirements and Planning Sheets

Requirements may differ by catalog year; please follow the University Bulletin and planning sheet for your catalog year.  If you have questions, please see your academic adviser.

Binghamton's only General Education requirement which differs by school or major is the Foreign Language requirement.

Please review the Comparison of Binghamton University and SUNY General Education Requirements for more information.