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2017 Faculty Vacancies


College of Community and Public Affairs

Human Development

Assistant Professor - Human Rights

Assistant Professor - Popular Participation in Economic Decision Making

Public Administration

Assistant Professor in Public Administration-Nonprofit, Tenure Track

Teaching, Learning & Educational Leadership

Assistant or Associate Professor for Educational Leadership (or Administration)


Decker School of Nursing

No vacancies at this time


Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Art and Design

Assistant Professor - Graphic Design

Graphic Design Adjunct pool

Biological Sciences

Assistant Professor, Infectious Disease Microbiologist


Chemistry General Lecturer

Inorganic Chemistry - 2 positions - Asst or Assoc or Full Professor


Assistant Professor of Film Studies


Assistant Professor - Econometrics/Applied Micro-Econometrics

Mathematical Sciences

Assistant Professor - Statistics

Associate or Full Professor - Topology


Associate Professor, Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience

Visiting Assistant Professor (Non-Tenure-Track) of Psychology


Music Director/Lecturer in Theater


School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Assistant/Associate Professor - Pharmaceutics

Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice

Clinical Assistant Professors - Pharmacy Practice

Preceptor/Adjunct faculty


School of Management

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Assistant Professor of Business Analytics and Operations

Assistant Professor of MIS


Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor Position in Biomedical Engineering

Computer Science

Assistant Professors (2) in Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor, VLSI / Architecture

Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Assistant Professor - Advanced Manufacturing - #1

Assistant Professor - Advanced Manufacturing - #2

Assistant Professor - Healthcare Systems Engineering - #1

Assistant Professor - Healthcare Systems Engineering - #2

Assistant Professor - Healthcare Systems Engineering - #3

George J. Klir Endowed Professor Systems Science


University Libraries

Catalog & Metadata Management Librarian

Head of Collection Development Librarian

Instructional Outreach Librarian

Subject Librarian for Biology and Psychology


Freshman Research Immersion

Research Assistant Professor - Biomedical Chemistry

Research Assistant Professor - Ecological Genetics

Research Assistant Professor - Environmental Visualization

Research Assistant Professor - Neuroscience

Research Assistant Professor - Smart Energy


CCPA - Promise Zone

Community School Coordinator, Harpursville


Last Updated: 2/16/18