Presentations and Publications


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  • Kristen Mooney, PT, DPT, NCS, Director of Clinical Education, Clinical Assistant Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Division, Binghamton University was an invited speaker in the LOUD Crowd session of 9/19/22, which coincided with Falls Prevention Week 2022. Dr. Mooney discussed the importance of fall prevention, techniques to prevent falls, and instructions on how to maintain safety during day-to-day activities. The group members were enthusiastic and asked many questions.
  • Young, S. R., Hennig, K. R., Cowen, N. S., McGinley, J. M., Pauling, E. E., Podolak, C. E., Rattinger, G. B., Rouhana, N., & Shipe, S. (2022, September 13). Impact of an interprofessional community-engaged poverty module on key learning outcomes: A qualitative analysis of student reflections [Lightning Talk]. Nexus Summit 2022.
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  • Klosko, R., McGinley, J. M., Rouhana, N., Young, S. R., & Doughty, B. (Under Review). The Rural and Underserved Services Track (TRUST): A novel student-faculty-patient-community collaboration to train the next generation of health care providers. [Lightning Talk]. Nexus Summit 2022.
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