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Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Development and Executive Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching and Distinguished Teaching Professor of Mechanical Engineering

James Pitarresi

James PitarresiJames Pitarresi, vice provost for student and faculty development and executive director of the Center for Learning and Teaching and distinguished teaching professor of mechanical engineering,  envisions the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) as a place with a holistic view of teaching that will encompass all of the skills and technologies that enable faculty to help students learn, using a spectrum of teaching approaches from the latest in distance education methods to the Socratic method. As there are various teaching and learning styles, the CLT will become a one-stop-shop where instructors can come − no matter what their style − to learn about resources, approaches, technologies, and opportunities are available to help them improve student learning in their courses.

Pitarresi's research activities are directed toward a number of interesting computer modeling and experimental measurement problems, many of which arise from the electronics packaging industry and are related to mechanical performance issues of electronic components. In addition, he is also working in the areas of vibration modeling, testing, and modal analysis of structural systems. Prior to joining the Watson School in 1988, he was a research fellow at the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, where his work was in the area of structural optimization and active control of large structures. Pitarresi has worked for Bell Aerospace and General Motors and is an engineering consultant to industry and government. He is co-author of the textbook Introduction to Solid Mechanics, with Irv Shames. Pitarresi has received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the University's Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Peter A. Engel Memorial Award for Outstanding Teaching in Mechanical Engineering, and he currently holds the rank of distinguished teaching professor.

Vice Provost Pitarresi's office is located in room 1322B of Library North (LN-1322B). His phone number is 607-777-4037. E-mail:

Last Updated: 11/7/17