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Past 2 Future Project (P2F)

  • Your great-grandmother worked for Endicott Johnson and you have old photos of her laboring.
  • Your uncle worked on a Link simulator and you have designs that he produced.
  • Your parents were refugees from Laos, Somalia or Pakistan and you have letters that they wrote to family at home describing their experiences adjusting to a new country.
  • You filmed Ronald Reagan's speech when he visited Endicott while running for president.
  • You have an audiotape of your grandfather's description of what happened when the family lost its home in the flood of 1937.
  • A long lost relative kept a diary about moving to the area after the Civil War.

Binghamton University is actively seeking letters, documents, photos, diaries, movies, audio-tapes and other forms of documentation that depict the rich history and events of the Southern Tier of New York. These records contain troves of cultural and historical information that will help us understand about how people live and about successes and tragedies in their lives as well as about important innovations, how value shifts over time and how individuals created and maintained meaning in their worlds.

Should you decide to share your family's memories, the University will make the information available to professors, students, other scholars as well as members of the community to be used in research. In return for allowing members of the University to conduct research on the materials you provide, the University will give you a digitized copy of the information for your records. You are free to share the information with other members of your family or to use the information as you see fit.

How can you participate?

Contact the Past 2 Future Project to discuss the materials that you have:

Rockefeller Center, Room 262
Binghamton University
Kevin N. Wright, director

Complete the Loan and Transfer of Rights Agreement which certifies that you own the materials, and grant the University the sole rights to study and use the information.
Arrange to have the materials picked up or mailed to the University.

Staff from the Past 2 Future Project will provide you with an expected date of completion. The materials will be copied into a digitized format for use by scholars and students. The materials will be returned to you — along with a digitized copy of the information — that you are free to share with family members and others.

If a student or faculty member uses the information you provide, you will be credited with providing the information for research purposes. You will also be notified if a public presentation is made or if the results of research about your information are published.

Students will benefit from the sharing of your family's experiences

Binghamton University is committed to expanding teaching and learning beyond traditional forms of lecture and testing by involving students in meaningful collaborations with faculty that allow them to engage in inquiry, creative activity or scholarly investigation. The Binghamton University Past 2 Future Project provides a platform for hands-on undergraduate research that draws upon the rich culture and history of the Southern Tier of New York.

The community benefits from the sharing of your family's experiences

The Southern Tier of New York has a rich history of innovation, entrepreneurship, immigration, environmental threats, tragedies and successes. By sharing your information, you help document the past and preserve it for future generations.


Last Updated: 10/6/16