Student Starfish Resources

What Can Starfish Do For You?

Binghamton cares about your success! That’s why we’re using the Starfish Student Success Network to empower you to be successful. We understand that pursuit isn’t easy! It takes time, money, energy, effort, and perseverance. When things get challenging, it’s important that you know how to connect with the helpful resources and people at Binghamton that are available just for you.

Celebrate your successes

The best part is that when you have done something worth celebrating – including turning around a difficult situation – your instructors can use Starfish to send you Kudos. You’ll be surprised how much a little positive news can brighten your day.

Image: Request Help in Starfish
Request Help in Starfish
Help is available

If you have a question or a concern that is impacting your success, Starfish can help you get assistance.

Click on the Request Help navigation item. Select one of the topics and be sure to add detailed comments about your request so the appropriate person has the information they need to best assist you.

Made just for you

You have already started down a path to success. It may not be a smooth or easy road, but you can do it! Starfish is a powerful tool for Binghamton to help you finish what you start.

Some other benefits that you will experience with Starfish are:

  • Learn immediately when there’s a concern about your academic performance – or something else that is interfering with your studies.
  • Easily discover which support services are available to you, where they are, and how best to reach out to them by using your personalized Services Catalog on your Starfish Success Network.
  • Receive notifications and reminders the way you prefer, on the device you prefer.

Getting Started with Starfish at Binghamton

Getting started is easy! Access Starfish by logging into and clicking on the Starfish login link under Useful Links.

Your home page includes access to a customizable profile, notification settings, and personalized Success Network.

Training Videos

Note: Some of the screens in the videos may look a little bit different from those at Binghamton.