Student Support Offices

Starfish Early Alert is designed to facilitate communication between instructors, students, academic advisors and other campus resources. Through the use of referrals and My Success Network, students can be connected to various resources across campus that work to support their success.

Service Catalog

Starfish at Binghamton provides students with a wider range of support services beyond just advising and tutoring through the Service Catalog. Offices and services with pages in the catalog are visible to students via My Success Network

Services that are most relevant to a given student are displayed under "My Services," and all other services are accessible by selecting "Show Other Services". 

Would you like to have a service page for your office?

Complete the form below to have your office added the the Service Catalog and Success Network. Allow for 3 business days for processing. 



If an instructor, advisor, or staff member determines a student may require additional support from another office on campus, they can easily refer a student to the proper services using Referrals in Starfish. Often a referral may be created as a response to a Flag being raised on a student. For example, an advisor might create a tutoring referral after a student is flagged for poor grades. An email would be sent to the student when the referral is created.

Would you like your office to be included in the list of services/centers that are able to receive referrals? 

Complete the form below to have referrals enabled for your service/center. Allow for 3 business days for processing.