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Hosting Policy and Reimbursement Procedure

Hosting Policy

It is recognized that hosting situations are different than travel situations and that often campus host people must incur meal costs exceeding standard travel rates. The University has established up to $10.00 for breakfast, $20.00 for lunch and $40.00 per dinner as a level within which the cost of the meal will be considered reasonable. Amounts incurred over the 'pro forma reasonableness levels' will require that a detailed itemization of the meal costs and an explanation for the additional allowance be submitted to the Business Office for review. The Associate Vice President for Administration will be responsible for applying tests of reasonableness to the facts provided. Rejection of payment against state funds does not preclude the reasonableness of the costs being paid from other campus non-state funds.

The purchase and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is considered to be an entertainment expense and constitutes a personal expense that is not reimbursable.

Hosting Reimbursement Procedure

  • Complete a NYS Standard Voucher (pdf, 90KB) with the person's name and payee ID number (tax ID if non-employee or "N" number if an employee), with a description of event, list of attendees, appropriate signatures and fund source(s) to charge. 
  • Submit the itemized receipt(s) with the standard voucher to the Business Office.

For reimbursement when hosting expenses are charged to the host's personal credit card see Personal Credit Card Reimbursement Procedure.

Honoraria Procedure

Honoraria Procedure Guidelines

Non-employee Food and Beverage Guidelines

Last Updated: 1/25/17