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Non Employee Food/Beverage Guidelines

Non Employee refers to a candidate, consultant, or student acting in an official administrative capacity.

Food and Beverages Payable with State Funds:

  • support a formal official business setting (conference, workshop, training session) which is evidenced by a Program Agenda. Agenda should include statement of purpose and participants;
  • are demonstrably essential and important to the Program Agenda's success and not merely a hospitality enhancement. For example, a working lunch session which could not have been scheduled differently or individually paid would be acceptable with written justification.

Food and beverages supported by participant fees (typically within a conference registration fee) are allowable when evidenced by a formal Program Agenda showing statement of purpose and participants.

Food and Beverages Not Payable with State Funds:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • food/beverages provided in a largely social, unstructured setting, such as a reception, party or gathering which does not serve a clear official business purpose.
  • food/beverages incidental to normal meetings (staff meetings, committee meetings, etc.) on which the success of the meeting does not depend. Typically involving predominantly employees, they serve no essential purpose and their cost should not be borne by state funds.
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Last Updated: 1/25/17