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Binghamton University Users

All faculty, staff and students who charge their research usage to a Research Foundation (RF), Binghamton University Foundation (BUF) and/or state account are considered “BU Users”.  BU Users, with appropriate training, are entitled to Analytical and Diagnostics Laboratory (ADL) Badge Access and to all user privileges.


  1. When a consulting relationship exists between a faculty or staff member, and an outside commercial organization, and the work to be performed in the facility is connected to the substance of a consulting agreement, or the interests of an outside organization, then the work will be considered commercial work, and external rates assessed, unless the PI can justify otherwise.
  2. If during the course of a sponsored research program, a company asks to the PI to conduct microscopy, for example, on samples related to its own in-house research, this work, even if billed to a RF account, would be considered commercial work, and would be assessed at the external rates.

Access to Facilities

The ADL Laboratory is typically open on work days from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. There may be exceptions to this schedule, which will be posted on the ADL website as far in advance as possible. Night/weekend use privileges may be granted by the Laboratory Manager to experienced BU Users at the graduate level or higher with a significant “track record” of productive and competent use on the equipment. Access to all the S3IP facilities is provided through the Facility Online Manager (FOM) software. FOM controls access to multiple facilities; including the ADL, the Nanofab and the CAMM.

The following steps are followed, in order, to become a user of the Analytical and Diagnostic Laboratory.

New or interested Binghamton University users should register for access to the lab via the “I am a new user” link on the Facility Online Manager (FOM). Do not begin this process unless you wish to be trained on a specific laboratory instrument in the next few weeks. Before beginning this process, be sure to have the required accounting information. Each user must supply at least one valid 7 digit RF project number against which instrument charges can be applied. If you are a graduate student, you will need to get the project number from your supervisor. If your advisor is using Startup funds, then use his/her user ID as the project number. If you are doing work on more than one project, you can supply additional project names and project numbers if you wish. (When you conduct your work, FOM will allow you to select which project name to use). When a Project Number has termed or is replaced, you can deactivate the existing number and add another.

  1. All the registration information, including the initial project number, is collected online through the “I am a new user” link on the front page of the FOM. Do not begin this process until you have a valid project number which you can supply.
  2. The first page is the “FOM New User Registration” page which requests you to select internal or external user status. Choose Internal User.
  3. Next you will see the User Policy page. Please click on and read the document on this “Additional information before registration” link. After you have read the document you can close it. Then you will be requested to indicate whether you agree or disagree with the policy. Disagree will cancel the registration process.
  4. FOM then requests your user ID, password, and email address information.
  5. The next page requests your Project number information. Please provide a project name, a simple one to three word mnemonic for your project, and your project number. If you have more then one project or more than one funding source, you can supply additional project names and project numbers. It is the users responsibility to maintain active valid project numbers. When a project number is terminated the user should deactivate it on FOM.
  6. Next you should see a screen that lists “Authorized Instruments” and “Available Instruments”. Initially you will find no Authorized Instruments. Please select each instrument you wish to be trained on from the Available Instruments list one at a time.
  7. When you select an instrument, a “New User Application Form” will pop up for each. This form will appear as an Email to the instrument manager. Please write on the form when you wish to be trained on that tool. Do not select instruments you will not be using or do not need. Do not select a tool unless you want to be trained on them in the next few weeks. We require that you select at least one tool under FOM in order to be registered as a user of a facility; ADL, Nanofab or CAMM. If you do not, you will not have access to the tools or to the facility. After the registration process, Facility staff must activate your facility access. You will receive an email giving you access to the S3IP memory server and your badge must be activated to open the doors. Please allow 2 days for the staff to make those changes.
  8. Binghamton University faculty, staff and students can then use their BU ID card to access the laboratory.
  9. When you receive training for an instrument, your trainer will demonstrate how to logon. Type your password on the login computer, select Logon and select the instrument you want to use. Select the time slot you are using on the instrument schedule page, select your account (Project name) and the anticipated end time. (This same process can be used to reserve time on the instrument on future dates). You should see your user name next to the instrument. Before logging in, make sure that no one else is already on your instrument and that the instrument is not unavailable for service. Remember to log off the instrument in the same way when you are done using it.
  10. For night and weekend approved usage, there must be a minimum of two people in the ADL lab at all times.
  11. The Center's Administrative Office invoices bi-weekly for use of facilities based on the approved rate schedule. The rate schedule is subject to change. Invoiced fees will be charged to the supplied project numbers on a bi-weekly basis. Billing is based on the actual logged usage of the facilities. Most fees for instrument use are billed for the full reserved time or the actual time, which ever is greater. Most reservations are on an hourly basis, but allow a flexible start times within 30 minute intervals. In addition, fees for supplies and materials for certain instruments may be applied. All Supervisors will receive an itemized invoice for their review. Charges are due when billed. Failure to pay in a timely way is grounds for the termination of this agreement.

Questions regarding charges should be addressed to Dr. Lawrence Lehman, (607) 777-6841,

Binghamton University State University of New York
PO BOX 6000   Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

Last Updated: 5/24/16