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Safety Information

Established laboratory policies provide everyone with a safe and successful working environment. Laboratory users are expected to follow the established ADL policies. Use of the shared facilities by a wide range of researchers is a priority and will keep the Center of Excellence at the forefront of microelectronics research.

1.    All users of these facilities agree to abide by the rules and policies of Binghamton University. Users are encouraged to ask laboratory staff members any questions.

2.    Users may only use equipment for which they are authorized.  Laboratory staff provide all training on all equipment. Users should report all equipment and facility problems to laboratory staff. Repairs and maintenance of equipment and facilities is performed or authorized by laboratory staff only.

3.  No food or drink is allowed in the laboratory.

4.  Users must maintain a clean work environment, be considerate of fellow users, and leave their work environment in a neat and clean condition.

5.  Users must wear safety gear appropriate for the process, if needed. Such gear will be supplied by the lab.

6. Lab users must be compliant with the environmental safety and health guideless provided in the User Manual.

7. All users are responsible for politely reminding fellow laboratory users of safe laboratory practice, if fellow users are seen engaging in activities that may endanger themselves. The observer is responsible for immediately reporting the incident to the laboratory staff.

8. ADL Lab has the right to eject and ban any user for failure to adhere to the laboratory policies and procedures.

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Last Updated: 4/9/10