Laser Particle Size Analyzer


This tool measures the size distribution of particles suspended in a liquid or in dry powder form by using the principles of light scattering. The method involves the analysis (deconvolution) of the patterns of scattered light produced when particles of different sizes are exposed to a beam of light.

The LS 13 320 particle size analyzer takes advantage of these principles to provide rapid, precise and reproducible particle size distributions. It is capable of suspending samples in the size range of 0.4 mm to 2000 mm. This particle size analyzer provides reliable and reproducible results for researchers, quality control laboratories, product and process control departments or anyone with the need to measure particle size distributions. The LS 13 320 system at ADL consists of an optical bench and two sample handling modules: the Universal Liquid Module (ULM) and the Tornado Dry Powder System (DPS).

  • Beckman Coulter Model LS 13 320
  • No sample preparation and minimal operator intervention
  • A number of statistical quantities calculations to characterize the particle size distribution

Instrument Manager: Dae Young Jung