Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

FIBFIB consists of a high-resolution SEM column with a fine-probe Ga ion source. The Nova Nanolab FIB has high-resolution electron (~1.5 nm) and ion (~5 nm) columns.

Its electron column is equipped with a field emission gun that is capable of the accelerating voltages ranging from 30kV to as low as 500V with an innovative "Through the Lens" detector technology. OmniProbe AutoProbe 200 in-situ sample lift-out system allows the preparation of site-specific TEM samples without the need for support films.

The FIB has an integrated HKL EBSD package to allow for orientation imaging. Light element EDS X-ray detector allows for elemental analysis, including elemental mapping. The FIB is also equipped with a Nanomechanics InSEM mechanical properties microprobe. The InSEM features a precision nanomechanical actuator, which provides highly resolved force and displacement measurements. Typical applications include TEM sample preparation from specific areas of bulk or thin film samples, site-specific cross-sectional analysis for microelectronics devices and nano-machining and nano-deposition of conductors or insulators.

  • Nova Nanolab 600 from FEI
  • Electron and ion guns with Schottky field emitters
  • This FIB/SEM is equipped with
    • TEM sectioning + manual TEM sample lift-out system
    • Oxford INCA EDS for elemental analysis and mapping
    • HKL EBSD for crystal orientation measurement and mapping
    • 3D imaging and structural/chemical analysis capability
    • Advanced control of gases for deposition, etching and milling
    • High resolution patterning engine

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Instrument Manager: Steve Cain

Backup: Jennifer Sammakia