Non-Destructive Testing Suite

This suite contains non-destructive testing equipment such as an X-ray imaging system and scanning acoustic (C-SAM) and IR microscopes. These instruments are used for the non-destructive characterization of parts such as BGA, flip chip packages, bonded wafers, PCBs, ceramic/ metals/ plastic components and compounds, material characterization and analysis, medical devices and structures, etc. The X-ray imaging machine is capable of performing CT scans, which can be used to construct a 3D dataset to analyze internal structure of a component. The C-SAM machine is equipped with several transducers and amplifiers for high-resolution imaging of internal structures of a wide range of packages in pulse echo and transmission modes. The IR microscope gives thermal maps to identify hot spots on an active circuit in a system, and it can also be used in a thermal transient mode to study fast thermal phenomena.