IR Microscope


IR microscope uses naturally emitted thermal infrared photons from samples to measure absolute temperature and/or hot spot of the sample.

Applications of this technique include: Two-dimensional thermal mapping with objectives (X2, X5, and X15); high-speed (~3 microsecond time increment) temperature measurement of a single area using transient detector; hot spot and short detection in electronic circuit boards; and transient junction temperature measurements.

  • Infrared Microscope (Infrascope II) from Quantum Focus
  • High resolution thermal mapping
  • Detection of hot spot and shorts
  • Live temperature imaging
  • Measure junction temperatures
  • QFI designed refractive infrared microscope objectives (2X, 5X, 15X), resolution 18-2.8 micron.
  • Real time “every pixel” emissivity correction
  • Stand alone image viewing and analysis software for remote analysis
  • Computer-controlled fine focusing stage
  • Single element, high-speed transient thermal detector, uses the same optics and the same measurement set-up
  • InfraRed thermal pulse measurement
  • Calibrated temperature vs. time output
  • 3 dB bandwidth of 250 KHz

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Instrument Manager: In Tae Bae
Back-up: Dae Young Jung