Thermo-Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) with Mass Spectrometer

TGMSThe thermo gravimetric analyzer with mass spectrometer performs the functions of the TGA with the addition of a mass spectrometer to analyze the gases evolved from the experiment. The Mass Spectrometer ionizes the molecules and passes them through a quadrupole detector to detect the mass per charge for each molecule. From the ionization process fragments may be created or molecules may be multiply ionized and all of these components being detected creates a spectrum from which the identity of a compound may be determined.

  • Netzsch TG 209 F1 Iris with QMS 403 Aёolos
  • TGA
    • TGA temperature range Room Temperature to 1000°C
    • Computed DTA available
    • Gases available
      • Nitrogen
      • Oxygen
      • Compressed Air
  • Mass spectrometer
    • detection range 1 u up to 300 u
    • detectors Faraday and SEV(channeltron)

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Instrument Manager: Bill Butler