Thermo-Mechanical Analyzer (TMA)

TMAThermo Mechanical Analyzer (TMA) is used to measure the change of dimension with temperature and the experiment involves placing the sample on the stage and bringing the probe in contact with the top of the sample with an applied force. The sample is then heated or cooled while measuring the deflection of the probe. Some applications for TMA are determination of coefficient of thermal expansion, glass transition. Another type of experiment that is possible is a penetration test where a probe with a small rounded tip is held in contact with the sample with some force and the sample is heated to look for when the material becomes soft enough for the probe to push into the sample.

  • TA instruments Q400
    • Sensitivity 15 nanometers
    • Displacement Range – ±2.5mm
    • Force 0.001 to 1.0 Newtons
    • Maximum sample dimensions
      • 25 mm height
      • 10 mm diameter
    • Temperature range - room temperature to 1000°C
    • Probes and applications available;
      • Expansion
        • Expansion Coefficient, Compression Modulus, Glass Transition
      • Macro Expansion
        • Expansion Coefficient, Compression Modulus, Glass Transition
      • Penetration
        • Softening Point, Melting Point
    • Purge gas - Nitrogen
  • Optional Mechanical Cooling Accessory
    • Temperature range with MCA attached is -70°C to 400°C

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Instrument Manager: Bill Butler