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SPIR Announces New ADL Equipment Usage Grants

The Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) Office at the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science announces grants available to small and medium sized companies interested in utilizing the Analytical and Diagnostics Laboratory (ADL), a centralized, interdisciplinary, fully staffed research facility at Binghamton University. For more about information, visit SPIR New ADL Equipment or contact 607-777-4532 to discuss your company's needs.

Recent addition of instruments and updates:


  1. Q-star LC-MC has following capabilities:

    • Detection, identification and quantitation of proteins and peptides in MS and MS/MS mode.
    • De novo sequencing of proteins and peptides.
    • Detection and quantization of small molecules.
    • Reverse phase chromatography.
  2.  DNA sequencing instrument is equipped with high throughput sequencing of RNA and DNA libraries using Ion Torrent next generation sequencer.In particular, the next gen sequencing facility will enable the following studies:
    • RNA-Seq
    • DNA-Seq
    • Chip-Seq
    • SNP analysis multiplexing
  3.  590-FACSAria cell sorter is capable of cell sorting to a broader audience of researchers and wide range of applications. The fluidics and optical systems are integrated to maximize signal detection. A flow cell with gel-coupled cuvette and octagon and trigon detection system allow the system to acheive excellent sensitivity and resolution.
  4. 600-Leica Cryo Ultramicrotombe systems has the following capabilities:
    • Ultra microtome of precise room temperature and cryo sectioning.
    • Prepares excellent quality semi and ultra thin section samples.
    • Prepares ultra smooth surfaces of SEM, TEM, and AFM examination.



Both Supra 55 and EVO 50 SEM's were upgraded with a new PC with Windows 7 OS.



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