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About the Admissions Alumni Volunteer Program

Binghamton's success in attracting the best and the brightest new students and transfers is reflective of the academic excellence, reputation and affordability that are its hallmarks. Admissions Alumni Volunteers help maintain that tradition by encouraging academically talented students to apply and to attend Binghamton University.

As an Admissions Alumni Volunteer (AAV), you provide the one-on-one interaction, personal attention and encouragement that can make the difference between a student choosing Binghamton or another university or college. Providing your perspective as a Binghamton University alumnus/a is key to our program’s strength and success.

The AAV program has three goals:

  1. To increase the number of highly competitive and qualified undergraduate students considering Binghamton University and the percentage of admitted students who enroll.
  2. To provide a valuable, local information source for inquiring students, applicants, admitted and enrolled students and their families.
  3. To provide assistance to the Binghamton University Undergraduate Admissions staff.

Volunteer Opportunities

College fair representative

The number one role for our Admissions Alumni Volunteers is attending "College Fairs or Nights," which are great recruiting opportunities that introduce high school students to many different colleges. One or more high schools in an area may sponsor a day or evening program and invite selected colleges to meet with students and their families.

Binghamton University's Undergraduate Admissions Office receives too many invitations to college fairs each year for our staff to attend. As college fair representatives, alumni volunteers talk with students and their families as well as represent Binghamton University by handing out admissions publications, fielding basic questions and sharing their own personal Binghamton experiences.

To volunteer to attend a college fair, complete the online registration form. If the event appears on the calendar, it means help is needed.

Admitted student email outreach 

Are you interested in sharing your "Binghamton story" with recently admitted students? Your perspective on why a student should attend Binghamton is invaluable in motivating a student to enroll. When you share your insights and stories about Binghamton, you make a genuine connection with students and their families. We can provide a templated email for you to personalize with your Binghamton experiences. 

Adopt a high school

Connecting with high schools is one of the best ways to assist the Office of Undergraduate Admissions promote Binghamton University. Admissions will send you a packet(s) of information to deliver to high-school counselors in your area. You’ll then set up an appointment to meet with one or more high-school counselor. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the contents of this packet before your meeting, and encourage the counselor(s) to share the materials with interested students. 

Admitted student receptions

Join admissions staff as they celebrate and honor admitted students and their families at a reception in your region. Sharing your personal experience helps personalize the event and make it memorable for newly admitted students. 

Open houses

Assist the undergraduate admissions team, faculty and staff and they welcome our students at one or more of our open houses. Volunteers are needed to welcome guests as they arrive, guide guests to the check-in table, answer questions about the day’s agenda and engage in conversations with other alumni attending with their newly admitted student.

One-on-one meeting with admitted students

Inspire the next generation of alumni by meeting with an admitted student and sharing your Binghamton experience over coffee or a light snack. You are not expected to be able to answer specific admission questions; rather, this is an opportunity to tell an admitted student why Binghamton was the right choice for you, how it influenced your life after graduation and why it could be the right fit for them as well. 

Current Admissions Alumni Volunteers

Changed email addresses? Moved? Changed jobs? Gotten married? Update your information online with the Office of Alumni Relations via B-Connected.

Our Admissions Alumni Volunteers program receives your contact information from the Alumni Office, so in order for us to keep in touch with you we need you to provide your updates to them.