Binghamton BUZZ

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The BUZZ will begin in May and each issue will also be posted on this page for easy reference.

The BUZZ is a series of weekly emails containing important requirements, reminders, Orientation, course registration, and other information to prepare you for new student move-in day. All issues will be sent to your BMail account.

Issue 1: Welcome

Issue 2: Must Dos

Issue 3: Orientation

Issue 4: Money Matters

Issue 5: Email reminder

Issue 6: AP/IB Credit

Issue 7: Course Offerings

Issue 8: Student Wellness

Issue 9: Kickstart Your Career

Issue 10:  For Your Safety

Issue 11a: First-year Experience

Issue 11b: Transfer Experience

Issue 12: Common Read Experience

Issue 13: Joining Clubs

Issue 14: Campus Rec

Issue 15: Diversity

Issue 16: About Your Bill

Issue 17: Instagram Move-in Week Contest

Issue 18: Fine Arts, Arts, Cinema, Music and Theater

Issue19: Move-in Message