Special talent theatre and dance

Theatre and Dance Talent Applicants

Submitting a special talent for review at Binghamton University is an opportunity for your talents to be actively considered in your admissions process. It is a chance to showcase your talents; it does not affect your intended major. However, the portfolio is intended for students who desire to pursue this interest in some way at Binghamton University. All required materials must be received by January 15. If your portfolio is not received by the deadline, your application will be review without consideration for the special talent program. 

Note: Special talent supplements will be considered during the Regular Decision application review (Jan. 15). Students who apply Early Action and submit a special talent supplement will have this component reviewed if they are deferred to Regular Decision.


Step 1: Apply to Binghamton

Step 2: Submit special talent form (deadline is Jan. 15). Note: You'll need your username and password to log in. Your username is emailed to you after your application is received.

Step 3: Upload the requirements below to your online status checker

Note: Special Talent cannot be considered for Early Action admission

General requirements

  • Personal statement detailing why you are interested in exploring theater/dance at the University level and summarizing your theater/dance experience and training.
  • Resume (a photo is not necessary).
  • Two letters of recommendation should contain comments on your performing abilities, your performing experience, your talent and potential for growth, your work habits/commitment/discipline in the field or elsewhere. Share these suggestions with your recommender before they compose your letter. One letter must be from someone who knows your theater/dance work well (i.e., drama or dance teacher); the other letter may be from anyone who can attest to your success and strengths.

Portfolio requirements for special talent review

Performance reviews are offered in acting, dance, stage design/technical design, and playwriting. 

Acting Performance

  • Two monologue submissions no longer than 2 minutes each from plays different in style, mood and character. Select material that does not require extremes of age, dialect, infirmity, etc.*
  • One recorded submission of a song with a strong melodic line not dependent on accompaniment. The song should come from the standard American musical theater repertoire and not specialized pop or art styles. You must sing with accompaniment. Be sure the accompaniment does not overpower the voice.*
  • Resume and letters of recommendation as listed above. *All filmed submissions should be recorded as 3/4 body shots.

Dance Performance

  • A video of you doing ballet barre and center floor combinations AND/OR modern warm up and center floor combinations AND/OR ethnic dance warm-up (5 minutes or fewer and not a performance)
  • Resume and letters of recommendation listed above AND one of the following
    • A video of you doing a jazz, ballet or modern combination including leaps, turns, pirouettes, battements, leg extensions (2 minutes or less and not a performance) OR 
    • A video of you performing of a style of dance not included (not jazz, tap, modern, or ballet) including any ethnic or cultural dance. (3 minutes or less) OR
    • If you're a choreographer, you can submit a sample of your choreography instead. 

Optional: You may also submit, in addition, a recording no longer than three (3) minutes of a dance piece, in which you performed, in performance, demonstrating your talent, training and strengths. It can include an excerpt or excerpts from videos of productions you have been in. Make sure it is clear which one is you.

Note: This program is an opportunity to display the talents that make you different from the average applicant. Make sure your submission demonstrates your talent, not just training.

Stage Design/Technical Design

  • Send a portfolio of your experience doing stage work and/or stage design drawings (scenery, costume, lighting, scene painting etc.) The portfolio should offer a graphic (photographic or sketch) record of your design or construction projects. If you are unable to provide a portfolio, supply information about design/technical crews and other work in which you have participated.


  • Submit examples of your plays, short stories, poems, etc.
  • Resume and letters of recommendation listed above.